Soft Foam Cervical Collar

Medium density foam covered in stockinette

  • Especially convenient for wear when sleeping
  • Narrow, average and wide depths

INDICATIONS: Relief from muscle tension, treatment of minor neck injuries, whiplash, as a reminder against making sudden and painful neck movements

Measure neck circumference; for front depth, take straight line measurements from sternal notch to base of mandible.

2394/N-XS 11.5-13.5 in / 29.2-34.3 cm
2394/N-S 13.5-15.5 in / 34.3-39.4 cm
2394/N-M 15.5-17.5 in / 39.4-44.4 cm
2394/N-L 17.5-19.5 in / 44.4-49.5 cm